Ron Norris


Ron was born and raised in Northern Idaho.  The logging industry was prevalent as the coal industry is here.  He grew up around and learned how to operate and repair all types of heavy equipment and machinery.  After high school, Ron graduated from American Automotive and Diesel School. 

Ron is very patriotic and felt the need to serve.  He joined the U S Army and became a Master Mechanic for both wheeled and track vehicles. He specialized in turbine engines and was classified as a turbine surgeon.

In January 2009, Ron moved to Southwestern Virginia to repair a saw mill.  During the next five years, Ron worked and befriended several local small business people which gave him a good appreciation for the area.  During this time, a tragic accident involving repair to a piece of heavy equipment using unstable crib blocking resulted in a death. This caused Ron to think, “There must be a better, safer way.” As a result, he designed and has recently received a patent on a safety device replacing crib blocking with a more stable and safer way.  The Jack Stand was created. They are designed to provide a safe and efficient way to work on heavy equipment and prevent future deaths and injuries.

Ron then decided to make the Jack Stands full time and in early 2014, Norrisbuilt Fabrication and Mobile Welding, LLC was born.  He started with six employees in a 4000 square foot building with the moto “You Dream It, We Build It” using all types of metal. Quickly out growing that building, he moved to a 34,000 square foot building and now has 42 employees.  NorrisBuilt now offers services in addition to metal fabrication, including a complete machine shop, hydraulic cylinder repair, hydraulic hose shop and Line-X Spray coatings.